Awesome New Posters From ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’

New Posters From American Horror Story: Asylum

Here are a batch of new American Horror Story: Asylum Posters.

Fans are going banana’s in anticipation for the next installment of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s American Horror Story and why not. American Horror Story: Asylum, is going to be great.


The show was brilliant. I snubbed my noise at the previews like many did, but after I watch it, like many did, I was hooked. How do I know American Horror Story wasn’t taken seriously at first? Look at the ratings. The Pilot only did 3.2 million viewers. By the fourth episode the ratings were up a point.


You may say, “Wow, one point higher!? Big Deal.” Well, read and learn. Almost every show in history gets their highest ratings on the first episode, it’s rare for a TV show to grow past the pilot in viewers by episode 4.


By the 7th episode, the viewership was up again and by the the final, the ratings were an all-time high. American Horror Story is one of the few cable TV shows to gain in ratings week to week.


What does that mean? Word of mouth, word of mouth. Once you saw it — Saw Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga and their sadistic love story play out you were hooked. Once you saw the devilish Jessica Lange in action you had to call a friend. Once Zachery Quinto, Spock from Star Trek joined, you had to sent out a text and an email. The show was so addictive and shocking that it was almost impossible to keep to yourself.


I remember thinking, Ryan Murphy has done it again. He the creator of Glee of course, and several other high profile shows. Well, he knows we want more and he’s released teaser and all types of great American Horror Story: Asylum posters. I haven’t seen them all until today, but now that I have seen them, I just had to share. You see? Just like audiences of the show had to share.

American Horror Story Poster Gallery

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