Top Werewolves TV Shows & The Coolest Werewolf in them

Everyone is going awoo over the new Teen Wolf TV series. But before Tyler Posey strutted his stuff as Scott McCall, he surely has other lycanthrope predecessors. The Werewolf tv genre is not as big as the vampire or zombie genre yet, but there are actually quite a few shows out there that focus exclusively on Werewolves and are available for streaming online like Teen Wolf, Wolf Lake. Most of them, however, are a blend of vampires, werewolves & other creatures. We have picked the best tv shows that feature werewolves, and picked each shows top werewolf.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Oz

Played by Seth Green, Oz is a gentle and quiet guy who loves playing the guitar. But wait till he turns into a werewolf and he becomes all kinds of nasty. The character appeared in a few episodes during the first season and became more frequent in the second season, until he became a regular in the third season.

Being Human (BBC) & George

George Sands, played by Russell Tovey, is a socially-awkward genius. He left his family and friends behind when he turned into a werewolf so he won’t be able to hurt any of them. He is good friends with Mitchell and Annie. But because of the curse of the full moon, he can only keep temp jobs.

The Simpsons & Werewolf Flanders

In one of the The Simpson’s Halloween specials, friendly yet irritating neighbor Ned Flanders gets bitten by a werewolf. But soon after, Marge accidentally runs him over with a car. Then the Simpsons gang gets haunted by what they did to poor Ned.

Dark Shadows & Quentin Collins

Before Jacob from Twilight stole the hearts of every girl, there was Quentin Collins. David Selby played the character in the late 1960s. Though Quentin was the black sheep of the family, he had a difficult time being a werewolf, always feeling sorry for the people he killed as a werewolf.

Doctor Who & The Alien Werewolves

Who knew werewolves were actually alien creatures? Yes they are according to one episode of Doctor Who, entitled Tooth and Claw. The alien werewolf evolved from one single cell that mutated as it passed from host to host for several generations. They transform into werewolves upon exposure to moonlight, going on a killing spree. But they are not altogether invincible. Their kryptonite was mistletoe.

The Munsters & Eddie Munster

Played by Butch Patrick, Eddie Munster is a werewolf, being the offspring of Herman and Lily Munster. In some episodes, he is shown to be part-vampire, taking after his mother, Lily. More than being a werewolf, Eddie is just a typical American boy who goes to school, loves his family, and is mighty proud of his dad, Herman. We can’t explain why he sleeps in a chest of drawers though.

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