Gael Anderson Wiki, Net Worth – Andrew Lincoln’s Wife (The Walking Dead)

British Andrew Lincoln is more known as his character Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead. His wife, Gael Anderson, is not a newbie in the entertainment industry. She may not be in the limelight but she knows the behind-the-scenes workings of the industry.

Gael met Andrew during the production of “Teachers.” Andrew directed a few episodes while Gael worked as a runner. They got married in June 2006 and have two children together. Matilda was born in 2007 and Arthur was born in 2010. They carry Andrew’s real last name, Clutterbuck.

Gael is no stranger to the entertainment industry. She is the daughter of British band Jethro Tull member, Ian Anderson. Gael’s father is Scottish and is known to play different musical instruments.

Gael’s mother Shona Learoyd is Ian’s second wife. They married in 1975 and have been together ever since.

Ian Anderson and son-in-law Andrew are lukewarm when it comes to using social media. Andrew, not being a techie, leaves posting on social media to Gael.

Private life

Both Gael and Andrew have the same view about prioritizing family above all else. Andrew also keeping their private life private by avoiding answering questions about their children.

When asked how they met, Andrew could not help but gush about his wife. He admits that, being in the industry, he is accustomed to beautiful people and acting being in love. He confesses that, when he met Gael, he was smitten. He did not give her any chance to run away. They dated and he proposed soon after. Their love story may seem simple or ordinary but it is real.

Their wedding may not cost millions of dollars but it was well attended by family, friends, and loved ones. In fact, their flower girl is none other than Apple Martin, daughter of then-power couple Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. Gael used to be Gwyneth Paltrow’s assistant once upon a time.

Andrew Lincoln Net worth & Salary per episode

Andrew has done well for himself and the family has a net worth of $16 million. Besides Andrew Lincoln’s Net Worth he earns $90,000 per episode of The Walking Dead. Andrew was in the cast of “Love Actually” and was touted as the next Hugh Grant and had several romantic lead opportunities. But opted to go with The Walking Dead, knowing how this move will affect his career. In this case, it was a decision born of putting his family first above his career. It was still a fulfilling TV career for Andrew, who was nominated for his role in “Love Actually” and “The Walking Dead.” He was the Academy of Science Fiction’s Best Actor for his role as Rick Grimes.

Andrew is also focused on his social responsibility. He gives to charity, like Shelter, and supports wildlife conservation programs as well.

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